Blogger and Feedly seem to be miscommunicating

I have to apologize.  I'm usually working on two or three days worth of link lists at a time so that I'm not posting something with 20 links one day and only 2 the next.

Occasionally, I accidentally forget to set the scheduler and post something ahead of time. When that happens the post shows up in Twitter, Google+ and Feedly.  I can delete the Twitter & Google+, but nothing I can do in Feedly.

There have been some problems with Blogger, where scheduled posts have gone live before the scheduled time.  This happened to me 2-3 times last week.

Today, my pre-scheduled, half-done link lists have shown up in Feedly even though I did not post them, intentionally or accidentally.  I don't think they're showing up anywhere else, but it wouldn't surprise me if they did.

I'm going to keep my posts in draft mode for as long as possible.  I apologize for any inconvenience you face trying to follow a link only to get one of those messages saying the post doesn't exist.

Hopefully, the problem will be fixed soon.