Journal 52 Prompt 18-Creative Hands #Journal52, #ArtJournal, #ArtJournaling

I haven't been very good about posting my Journal 52 pages.  I've been keeping up nicely, but just not posting them.  In some cases, it's because I'm going to use a page as an example for a review I'm working on, but a couple I just haven't felt were done.  I'm pretty sure I'll go back and work on them some more.

I think this one is done though.

I traced my hand onto cardboard and then cut out the inside to make a hand outline.

I painted the background with Holbein Matte Primary Red, Primary Blue and Primary Yellow acrylic paint.

Then I painted the hand outline with a metallic blue and then tangled everywhere with a white gellyroll pen.

To finish off I used a red gel ink pen to write creative hands and do a little outlining.


  1. Really beautiful work. I have yet to do this prompt.

    1. Thank you! There have been really awesome works posted on Flickr for this prompt. I've enjoyed seeing how everyone interpreted it.


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