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In 2012, I was part of  a journal swap hosted by Rhodia.  When the swap ended there were some empty pages left in my book. and I've slowly been filling them in.  Along the way, the cover got rather grungy, and I decided it was time to do something about that.

To learn how I created the resin hand that I used on this cover, check out today's design team post
at the Amazing Mold Putty Blog.  But be sure to come back here for the rest of the how-to!

So I had this resin hand and decided to make it the focal point of my book cover.  First, though, I traced the whole hand onto the Decopatch paper.  Then I traced just the fingers.  I cut these out and laid them aside.

I glued the resin hand to the book with E6000 glue.

The surface of the Rhodia Webnotebook cover is leather-like, smooth, and soft.  I decided to coat everything, including my resin hand with transparent gesso, a medium that leaves a bit of tooth for glue to grab onto, but dries completely clear (gesso also comes in white, black and gray).   I let the gesso dry for several hours before continuing.

I had intended to leave the Rhodia logo intact, but there was some grime in the ridges that I could not get clean, so I used Wink of Stella glitter markers and a White gellyroll pen to highlight it.  Sorry about that Rhodia!

I tore about 1/2 sheet of Decopatch paper into strips, including the bits left over from cutting out the hand and fingers. For this project I used mostly smaller strips about 1/2 inch wide and 1 to 3 inches long.  I didn't measure or try to keep them really straight though.

I sorted them roughly by color, and working in one small area at a time I started gluing them down.

As I have with the other projects I've shared this week, I aimed to get a flow of colors.  I had cut my hand out of a section of green, so I had a diagonal flow of green down to the resin hand,  bounded by pinks and dark reds on either side.

When I finished gluing down the strips, and all the glue had dried, I used a Sharpie brush tip pen to add a cooler blue for shadows, laying down color in one area and then smearing it with my finger quickly to blend it.

To finish off, I used some Canteloupe acrylic paint to even the skin tones, and Primary Red to paint the fingernails.  Then I used a Pigma Micron to write the title '2012 Rhodia Journal Swap'.

This webnotebook has been such a source of enjoyment for me, and I feel my cover captured the idea of many hands working in it.  The Decopatch paper was perfect for getting the feel of what I wanted.

You can check out the entire Rhodia Journal Swap on Tumblr!   

Besides the Decopatch Paper and Paperpatch glue, the other products and tools I used: foam brush, transparent gesso, E6000 glue, white Gellyroll pen, Wink of Stella glitter markers, Lt. Blue Brush Tip Sharpie, Canteloupe & Primary Red acrylic paint, Pigma Micron .01.