'The Room' a Buffy fanfiction drabble #BuffyVampireSlayer #drabble #fanfiction

Once upon a time, long, long ago I was myfeetshowit on LiveJournal and I wrote Buffy the Vampire fanfiction.  Mostly drabbles, short stories that are 100 words no more, no less.  Those who've known me awhile know that I was prolific at producing ATCs, and then Zentangles--not so many know how many drabbles I cranked out in my time, lol.

I haven't posted or been active there in ages, but last night I received an email telling me that one of my drabble series had been nominated at the 'No Rest For The Wicked Awards'.  Ah, the memories!

This particular series was one that I was particularly proud of.  I was reading the Edda, a book of Icelandic mythology, it was shortly after the Angel series had ended on a cliffhanger, and I wanted something wrapped things up, while having an epic prose feel to it (it's not poetry).  And I decided to do it in 500 words--no more, no less.

It won't make a bit of sense to anyone who unfamiliar with the Buffy and Angel series, and if you're a shipper it might drive you insane.  I'm not a shipper, but it might look that way to some.

If you're interested, the drabbles are still up at my LiveJournal blog - The Room