Journal52 Prompts 37 & 38 #Journal52 #ArtJournal #ArtJournaling

I combined the prompts #37-Newspaper and #38-Rhyme Time.  Although I'd meant this to look like a map, it more resembles a postage stamp, lol.  Nonetheless, I'm happy enough with it.

To get my rhymes, I went through the newspaper looking for words that rhymed.  Finding them proved harder than I expected, and took three times as long as creating the actual page.  I finally found 5 sets that rhymed and these became my street 'corners'.  You may not be able to read the words in the painting so I list them for you:

The corner of Art and Cart
The corner of Deer and Beer
The corner of Clock and Stock
The corner of Turn and Fern
The corner of Blight and Light

My process is listed below.  I had camera problems so unfortunately there are only a couple of photos.

(I've supplied links, so you can get more info on the products I used, but please shop around to be sure you get the best prices.)

Art Journal
Montana Markers 15mm tips-Acrylic Paint markers: Shock Blue, Shock Light Blue, Shock Yellow, Schock Kent Blood Red
Sharpie Brush Tip Marker: Purple
Easy Joint White Self-Adhesive Drywall Tape
Sakura White Gellyroll Pen
Decoupage Gel Medium

1. I cut clippings from the Newspaper.  Some had words that rhymed and some didn't.  I outlined the rhyming words then painted the clippings with Montana Markers, being careful not to color over the rhymes.

2. I primed the page by painting at random with Montana Markers in Shock Blue, Shock Lt Blue and Shock Kent Blood Red.  I wanted bright color so I went with the primaries.  Any acrylic paint would have done.

3. After the paint dried, I laid out the clippings to decide where I wanted them to go, I used the purple Sharpie Brush Pen to draw in my roads, around the clippings. I like the brush pen version, but any alcohol pen or marker would have worked (classic Sharpie tip, Bic markers, Copics, Spectrum Noir, etc.).

4. I used Decopauge gel medium to glue down the clippings.  Any gel medium would do (Mod Podge, Golden or Liquitex Gel medium, etc).

5. I tore strips of the self-adhesive drywall tape and used them to edge the road.  Because I cut some of the holes in half, I got that postage stamp look.  I'll have to use that to deliberately get the look in the future.

6. To blend the tape into the background just a little, I used the Shock Yellow marker along the edges and darkened the color of the newspaper clippings.

7. I used the Shock Kent Bloodred Montana Marker to outline the rhyming words more boldly.

8.  'The Corner of'' titles were written in with a white Gellyroll pen.

Although finding the rhyming words took quite a while, creating the page took about 1/2 hour.