Watercolor Wednesday with Schut-02 #Exaclair #Schut #Watercolor

Each Wednesday for 22 weeks, I'll be sharing artwork that was done on paper from a Schut Papier sampler.  I'll be giving you a little information about each of the papers. And, okay--I called it Watercolor Wednesday, but half the time I'll be showing you pen, fountain pen and marker work on drawing paper.  So, sue me, lol.  I just liked the alliteration of Watercolor Wednesday!

Schut Laurier 250 grams/115 lbs Printmaking paper

Printmaking paper made of 100% cotton.  This is a heavy, but flexible paper that folds without creasing or breaking.  It has a soft finish, almost fuzzy so it might clog some pens.

Since it is printmaking paper, it would be great for Gelli plates and other types of hand printmaking.  I don't get into that much so I used fountain pens on the first piece and Pigma Graphic .05 Sepia on the second.  Despite my comment about clogging, I had no problems in that area.  I'd still hesitate to use finer point pens, especially those with fabric tips like the Pigma Micron.