Review Day 2 - A5 Rhodia Landscape Webnotebook #Rhodia #Exaclair #Zentangle

This week I'm reviewing the A5 Rhodia Landscape Webnotebook with a different example each day using different media.

Exaclair, Inc. is also letting me give away five of these notebooks, and you can find out how to enter at the Day 1 review post.

Mixed Media-Watercolor, Brush Pen and Sealing Wax

My goal for this example was to see how wet I could get the page before causing damage, how well watercolor washes would move across the page, and how well the paper would hold up to the weight of the wax.

The paper in Rhodia's Webnotebooks is thin at 90g (24 lb), but it took heavy washes of watercolor, with wet paint dropped into wet paint reasonably well.  There was very little dimpling and most of that was along the edges.

The texture of the paper changed and it picked up that crinkly sound you often get with thin paper and wet media.

Even though the sealing wax  is heavy the paper didn't buckle around it, and did not deboss.  

The washes moved well, and the colors blended well, allowing for both soft and hard edges.  I had no problem controlling blossoms.

After the paint dried, I used a J. Herbin Creapin brush pen to add line work.  The ink went down smoothly, with crisp lines.  There was no hint of pilling or dimpling.

I did get one tear in the paper.  Mid-right bottom where there is a heavy line of wax, the paper tore.  It is of note, that I did the fountain pen example from yesterday on the back of this piece (actually this mixed media is the back of the fountain pen drawing).  That area had a heavy saturation of ink, and on this side, a heavy saturation of watercolor.  Combined with the weight of the wax, the paper tore. So I won't recommend using wet media on both sides of the paper, especially when there is extra weight added.

Also, of note, on the other side, some of the fountain pen ink reactived.  I applied my washes heavily enough to re-wet the ink, and in a few places it ran.  No surprise there.

All in all, the  paper can take quite a bit of weight and quite a bit of water, making the Rhodia Webbie a good candidate for art journaling or a travel journal.

Exaclair, Inc. is also letting me give away five of these notebooks, and you can find out how to enter at the Day 1 review post.