The Third Eye #Watercolor #Yarka #Arches

Most of my artwork is done without any reference material or plan.  I just start and after a bit, something clicks, and then I usually start working toward a goal suggested by what I've already done--something in the colors or the lines or the shapes.

But I've never done that with watercolor.  Not sure why.  Probably because I feel I have the least understanding of how that medium works.  I decided to give it a go.  I'll do more of this--I think I'll learn the medium all the faster, but watercolor will present a challenge.  Usually, I can bring most of the elements together, at least marginally.  It's a little more difficult with this medium.

I like the middle portion, but not the border so much.  It was a lot harder to turn it into what I wanted.  But over all, I like the work, and now I have a little better idea of how I might do better next time.

Yarka St Petersburg pan sets-original and sequel on Arches Watercolor paper.  Most of the texture was created by layering two or three colors, and then using different sized brushes to lift color away.  While I did use watercolor techniques for some of this, the lifting was mostly done with smaller brushes almost as if I were 'drawing' the areas of lifted color.