Down by the Seashore #Watercolor #WatercolorForTheFirstTime

In the two weeks between watercolor classes, I did some exercises from a book I picked up at the library "Watercolor for the First Time' by Kory Fluckiger.  The book was a little more basic than I really needed but made for good practice.

When I do these exercises, I always try to change things compositionally, often changing some elements, such as colors or objects in the painting.  This lesson was about painting seashells, but I looked some pictures from the morguefile, and chose different shells, and placed them in different parts of the composition.

I did this painting in 5.5 x 8.5 Gamma Stillman & Birn.  The Gamma paper is a little smooth, more like a hot-press, but still accepts light washes.  I worked it to it's limit, but it held up well.