Uniformity Too #StillmanAndBirn #Sakura #Zentangle

On Monday, I posted one of my drawings and how I used the idea of a uniform to determine what elements I would add, and the patterns I would use.

Today's drawing is done using the same method for choosing patterns and deciding what I would include in my drawing.  Yet the two drawings couldn't be more different.

I started with a base of Shock Dark Blue acrylic paint, which wasn't as good of a choice as my Shock Orange from the other painting (applied with Montana Acrylic Paint markers).  Black ink does show up, but grays out and become indistinct.  To make up for this, I decided to use two colors of Sakura's Moonlight Gelly Roll pens--Fluorescent Yellow and Fluorescent Vermilion.  My white Gelly Roll pen was out of ink (oh no!), so I used Zinc White acrylic paint applied with a 1/4 inch flat brush.

There is a black splotch on this.  I don't know what that is. It's a mysterious thing that appeared in the night and won't go away.

As with my orange uniform--I'm not drawing a uniform.  But I'm using the elements of a uniform, buttons, pockets, ribbons, fabric weave, and seams to give me aid in deciding what to put into my non-objective/abstract drawing.  Because I'm not drawing a uniform, I put these elements where-ever I want, heedless, of where they'd actually be on the real item.

I started with the neckcloth and collar, less fancy and brocaded this time.

I decided to put buttons in two places this time, but I did use a similar pattern.

My pocket actually turned to look more like a window, but that's okay.

My ribbon ended up more like a kerchief, but that's fitting because this is a very informal kind of uniform...

...with zigzag seams...

... and a blend of plaid, checks and piping for fabric.

All very uniform.