Ziggurat Tangle Pattern #Zentangle #ZentangleInspiredArt #TanglePattern

You know, I almost hate to post step-outs to tangle patterns anymore, because the chances are so high that it's already been done somewhere.  But I felt this one could look so different, depending on who does it, that I decided to go with it.

The lightning-like zig zags can go in any direction, but at least some of them should overlap.  The shading is what really makes it work. When you draw the 'auras' on the inside of the shapes, the twists and turns caused by the zig zags create facets.  Shade one facet, and you get a sense of depth.  Shade another facet, making it lighter or darker than the first and you get even more depth.  Make the centers solid darks, and you get even more depth.  I like adding dark irregular shaped boarders around them to set it all off.

Play around with the shadings to see what kind of results you get.  I think the result looks vaguely architectural, like some crazy Escher building.