Fighting with the paint #Watercolor #Yarka #Arches

Have you ever seen that antacid commercial where people are eating and suddenly the food in their mouth starts flipping around and slapping them?

In yesterday's art class, I felt that way a bit.

I woke up cranky. My neck had been stiff all day and kept me awake a good portion of the night, and I was in a mood. I went to my watercolor class and started working on a second Koi painting.  It started off all right, but I had clear goals in mind and the paint...just...wouldn'  No matter how much I overworked it.

Before long I realized that I was effectively arguing with the paint, allowing myself to become frustrated and trying to make the paint do something instead of letting it do it's own thing and guiding it.  At that point, I set the painting aside and started a new one with totally different colors, theme and layout.  I argued with it a bit too, but since I kept it simple, I was a little happier with the results.  I'll share that one tomorrow.