Abstract by Candlelight #Watercolor #Strathmore #Qor

Sometimes, I really do think that you unleash creativity when you paint without any reference.  I did this one using the negative painting technique - carving out the shapes with one color, and then carving out more shapes, and then carving out more.

But I went with more of a Zentangle frame of mind, just painting and concentrating on the sweep of the brush and the flow of the paint.  I went for simple shapes and didn't worry if they were perfect shapes or if the lines were perfectly straight.  I let the paint air dry between glazes of color, so it took about an hour and a half (pthtalocyanine blue is very active on wet paper so you really have to let it dry or it will go everywhere!).  There is only about 1/2 hours actual painting time though.

Qor watercolors - Indian Yellow, Pthtalocyanine Blue, Transparent Pyrrole Orange on Strathmore Aquarius II paper.  Size 16 round Silver Black Velvet brush was used.