First Light #Strathmore #Watercolor #ArtJournal

Day 9 in my 10-day watercolor a day journal.  You know, when I started this journal I was aiming for 1/2 hour studies and it wasn't my intention to study light.  But eight of my paintings have, so I guess that says something about me and what I like.

This painting took longer than I expected it too, mainly because of the time it took to build up values.  This surprised mr because one of my main colors was Quiinacridone Violet, which is more intense than the Ultramarine Violet I've been using.  I do think the nature of the Strathmore Aquarius II paper is part of that.  Colors just aren't very bright on that paper.

I only used three colors throughout -- the Quin Violet (M. Graham), Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Yellow light (both Quiller), with mixes of the colors throughout.


  1. Love it. Wish I had more time to explore this medium. Enjoy seeing the things that you do.


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