Perfectly Pears and Pumpkins - in a Negative Kind of Way #Watercolor #NegativePainting #Strathmore

In Wednesday's watercolor class (teacher: Kathy Delumpa Allegri), we practiced negative painting using only three colors, all of which were warm in temperature.  I used Daniel Smith Phthalocyanine Blue, Pyrrol Scarlet, and Qor Indian Yellow.

For the first painting I stayed pretty abstract.  With the second, I paid more attention to where the colors were going, and built up on the negative spaces rather than just carving out more pumpkins.


  1. These are both very pretty, but I really love the colors in the first one!

    1. Thank you! It shows how much brighter the colors are if you leave them as pure as possible. I used the same colors in both, but glazed over all of them with the pumpkins, where I left large areas pure with the pears.


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