Dusk in Line and Wash #Watercolor #Quiller #Strathmore

One of the other things that was to be practiced in the waterclass I missed was line and wash.  I decided to use the negative painting technique and I wanted to use color different than what I have been playing with.

I just used my imagination, and as soon as I put down the initial wash, I saw something totally different than I had intended, so it really wasn't a great fit for either technique.  Still, I used them and it didn't go too bad.

I hadn't intended to have a moon, but saw it in the wash, so I grabbed a kleenex and scrubbed out both the moon and reflection while the paint was still wet.  I used negative painting to create the tree line, and the clouds.

I emphasized the trees, clouds and water with the lines (done using Pigma Micron .03.  I also drew the reeds with the pen.

The colors used were from my Quiller palette - Richeson (Phthalocyanine) Turquoise, Permanent Orange and Magenta.  These three color are equi-distant from each other on the wheel and form a triad.  Brushes used were my Silver Black Velvet 1-inch flat and size 16 round.  The paper was Strathmore Aquarius II.


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