Orange-Arc: New Tangle Pattern in Rhodia dotPad #Zentangle #TanglePatterns #Rhodia

I drew this tangle pattern step-ou in a Rhodia N18 dotpad. I'm currently hosting a giveaway for Exaclair, Inc. and giving away NINE of these dotpads. If you would like to enter, please visit my blog post here.  

See more information about the paper below.

I did this tangle pattern step-out as an example for the review and giveaway I'm currently hosting for Exaclair, Inc.  

I used Copic alcohol markers for the background, and about 75% of the color did bleed-through to the back.  That is to be expected--alcohol markers bleed through almost anything except very thick paper and specially coated ones.  

Pigma Micron pen was used to draw the tangles and the step-out except for the red ink.  I used a Hi-Tech C gel ink pen for that.  Neither of these inks showed through or bled through to the back.  However, the smooth quality of the paper was very nice with both pens and provides a very bold effect.  

Some people do have a fondness for the sound and drag that you get working on a paper with more tooth.  They might miss that when using this paper.

I like using a dotGrid when I'm drawing a step-out.  When you draw a step-out, you are repeating the each line of the pattern several times. It gets difficult to keep each repetition the same size, at the same angle, and directly lined up with the other steps.  A dotGrid helps me line things up, and keep them similar, but the dots fade away to the eye once the step-out is done.

When I'm just tangling and not trying to show how a pattern is done, I tend to ignore the dots.  They are light enough that I can do that.


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