Review-'Mastery: A Mission Plan for Reclaiming a Life of Purpose, Fitness, and Achievement' #Retirement #Fitness #Purpose

This review is more than a bit off-topic for me, but my brother Gary Scott, has co-written a book and I think its subject matter would be of interest to many of my readers.  

The topic of the book is planning for a sense of purpose and achievement in your life.  The obvious target audience are those who have retired or plan to do so in the near future.  But the book would be equally useful to anyone who is suffering empty nest syndrome, just graduating college, or facing some big change that leaves them wondering how to proceed with their life.

The writing is direct and easy to read.  The idea of a Mission Plan and goal is explained. Then you are given concrete examples of what such goals might be and steps showing how these goals can be reached. The goal can be as simple as setting up a daily jogging routine and keeping to it, or as complex as starting a new business that satisfies creatively while bringing in extra income.

Health tips galore abound throughout the book. These tips range from the fairly obvious to the unexpected, such as the importance of chewing properly, and how to do so.  

Myths about aging are explored, and you are shown that age doesn't matter nearly as much as you might think.

Best of all, in my opinion, the authors do not assume that everyone is the same.  Some people have goals centered around financial security, some focus on staying healthy, and some simply seek peace and enjoyment.  The book doesn't tell you what your goal should be.  It provides information to help you recognize your own personal goal, and achieve a sense of purpose in life.

If you belong to Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited you can read the book for free.  For more information, my brother has written about the book on his blog,

The Table of Contents
Part One: The Mastery

  • Manifesto
  • Something is Missing
  • What is Mastery
  • The Mission Plan
  • Resistance
  • Life is Finite (and Short)
Part Two: Getting Physical

  • The Fitness Mission
  • Hit the Road
  • The Art of Breathing
  • Get it Wet
  • The Strength Mission
Part Three: Peak Health
  • The Nutrition Mission
  • Less is More
  • The Power of Posture
  • Sleep
Part Four: Powers of Mind
  • The Fast Way to Slow Down
  • Muscle Memory
  • Intuition and Bandwidth
  • Zoning
  • Super Thinking
  • Super Reading
Part Five: The Anti-Retirement
  • The Power of the Pinnacle Career
  • Following Your Passion
  • What's Your Story
  • Staying Mission Capable
  • The Writing Mission
Part Six: Embracing the New
  • Do What? At My Age?
  • Technology
  • The Transformative Power of Travel
  • Missions Great and Small


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