Using the Rhodia dotPad for Calligraphy Practice #Calligraphy #dotPad #Rhodia

I practiced my calligrapy in a Rhodia N18 dotPad. I'm currently hosting a giveaway for Exaclair, Inc. and giving away NINE of these dotPads. If you would like to enter, please visit my blog post here.

This practice sheet was specifically done for the purpose of creating an example for the giveaway and review of the Rhodia dotPad, but I've often used dotPad paper for similar practice.  Sometimes, I'll use a ruler and pencil to draw the slant lines to help keep my pen at the correct angle, but most of the time I don't.

I like the dots as a guide to keep my characters the same size while writing, and afterwards you barely notice them, and can just focus on how well the letters are formed.  However, they can also help you determine if your slant is wrong and that's when I start drawing those slant lines, if too many are wrong.

I used an Itoya calligraphy marker, and three fountain pens in my practice.  The Itoya has a fabric nib, while the nibs in the fountain pens were a broad, a medium, and a flex.

The Clairefontaine paper is smooth and a pen flows across the page without dragging.

In this practice sheet, I'm playing with three different versions of the Uncial character set.