Alloro Vineyard Water Lily #AlloroVineyard #Watercolor #WaterLily

In early September, I went to a Plein Air session at the Alloro Vineyard in Sherwood, Oregon.  It was a rainy day, so painting was a challenge but we had fun anyway.  In the patio outside the restaurant area, there was a cement pond with a beautiful water lily (there was also a purple one that blossomed during the time we were there!).   I took a photo but didn't try painting it until last week.

I wasn't totally happy with my first attempt...

... so I tried again.  This time, I lied a bit.  The actual pond had dark, still water and a profusion of lily pads that were confusing for the eye to follow.  I decided to simplify and choose colors based on what might seem pleasing rather than following the reality of the pond.

I used the plastic wrap technique to create movement in the water, decreased the number of lily pads and the rocks beneath.  I'll probably paint this again in the near future because I'm still not getting quite what I want.  Practice makes perfect -- that's the theory anyway, lol!