Bridges Burning #LineAndWash #ArtJournals #StillmanAndBirn

This started out to be a Zentangle-Inspired piece of art.  In my watercolor class, we'd been playing around with the plastic wrap technique - laying down the wet paint, then scrunching up plastic wrap in it, and letting it dry.

I thought that might make a cool background for a zentangle-themed piece in one of my art journals - in particular one of my Stillman and Birn Alpha sketchbooks.

Using Daniel Smith Perinone Orange, M. Graham Manganese Blue Hue, and Qor Indian Yellow, I laid down thick washes of color and put on the plastic wrap.  I'd waited a bit too long for the orange, and didn't get too much effect there, but I did get a little.

As soon as I removed the wrap, I got the impression of Fire on the Water, and I thought of using that for the title.  But my whole concept had changed, and the title 'Bridges Burning' flashed through my mind.  That theme settled, I went more for an abstract line and wash, trying to suggest bits of concrete and structure collapsing into the water.  It's pretty unusual for me to leave so much of the canvas without drawing on it, but it just seemed finished.