Layse - a New Tangle Pattern for 2016 #Zentangle #TanglePatterns #SakuraOfAmerica

I was looking at some lace, and was inspired to create a pattern with a lacy look.  The piece I was looking at was far more intricate.  A bit too much so for Zentangle-Inspired Art, so I tried to keep to the spirit, but come up with something simpler that's my own.

This pattern works better as a grid, but I did one as a single with more steps, so it would be easier to see what is happening.

As always, if I've come up with something that's already been done, please let me know so I can give credit.

There are a lot of other variations that you could use, especially if you give yourself plenty of space.


  1. Really simple but looks so intricate. I like the play on the colors as well.


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