The Silence of Paintings #Clairefontaine #Sennelier #ArtJournaling

Shortly before the end of the year, I received an Ultramarine Blue sample of Sennelier's new abstract acrylic paint.  Abstract as in a new foil packaging.  Otherwise, it's just good acrylic paint.  I didn't care for the packaging of the sample--for one thing, there was no way to seal it, so it pretty much needed to be used all at once.

It was a generous sample so I created several backgrounds in my art journals.  Note, that the new packaging does have a lid, so I'm sure it's better than the sample. The paint itself was smooth and creamy with a deep, rich color.  I'll buy at least one, so I can better judge the packaging.

This double spread was done in my handmade Clairefontaine Kalligraphie journal.  Unfortunately, as I was scrabbling through my art journals for blank pages to paint, this one got knocked shut.  I didn't see it, and by the time I opened it, the paint had dried enough to be tacky, and several areas had stuck. The snow and clouds on this page are actually ripped paper.

The ripped areas looked like snow to me, so I made this simple page by drawing a few trees and their reflections with a flourescent Moonlight Gellyroll pen, and then glazing some pearl acrylic paint on the water and around the clouds.

Since this page was obviously about reflections, I looked up quotes about reflections.  This one seemed apt to me.

One of the best things about paintings is their silence -
which prompts reflection and random reverie.
- Mark Stevens