Steampunk Week at Pattern Collections And an Explanation #Steampunk #Zentangle #Pattern

It's Steampunk Week at the new Pattern Collections website, a site devoted to pattern step-outs, and the exploration of what patterns are, how to understand them and how to draw them.

This week the site is devoted to sharing patterns with a Steampunk theme, and I thought I should add an explanation here to people who have been using my patterns for a while.

Back in 2011, I created step-outs for a series of patterns that I labeled as my Steampunk series.  I named them in a numbered seqence according to the sort of inspiration I got them from: i.e. Background #1, Background #1, Klok #1, Klok #2, Geer #1 and so on.

Some of the patterns being posted at Pattern Collections this week are new, but many are existing patterns, such as mine, that fit the Steampunk theme, gathered all together for you.  However, since other people would be posting Gear-like, clock-like and other patterns similar to mine, it was felt my original naming didn't make a lot of sense.  I agreed, and we decided to rename them.

I know this might be confusing to those who added my patterns to their own collections, and I apologize. I also wanted to assure people we weren't trying to pass off old patterns as new ones. And for the record, Sandra Strait = molossus.  I don't use that name much anymore, but it made sense at the time.

Anyhoo, here is a list of patterns with both old names and new, which will hopefully help people keep things straight.

Old Name - New Name
Klok #1 - Klok
Klok #2 - Klokwork
Background #1 - X-Tile
Background #2 - Slabs
Background #3 - Discus
Background #4 was an extension of Geer #5, so I didn't include it
Background #5 - Framework
Background #6 - Steam Flower
Background #7 - Barber
Geer #1 - Geared
Geer #2 - Triangear
Geer #3 - Gear Flower
Geer #4- X-Gear
Geer #5 - X-Procket
Geer #6 - Rotate
Orb #1 - Brisco
Hinger #1 - Hinge
Roller stays as Roller