Chinook Salmon in Watercolor #Watercolor #KDAllegriArtClass #Arches

The Spring/Summer session of K. D. Allegri's watercolor class began today.  The theme is the Great Northwest, and we started out painting Chinook Salmon.

I've been using Copic Markers a lot lately, and I realized, as I was painting, that one of the reasons I get in to trouble with watercolor is that I try to layer them the way I would Copics.  Now that I've realized the problem, all I only have to stop doing that. *snort* If only life were so easy!

It doesn't show in the scan, but where you see the lilac-y color, the paint is actually iridescent.  What you do see in the scan, that isn't quite so in real life is the way the fish seems to be sitting on the river floor.  If I had left more space between the fish and his shadow, it would have helped.

Painted on an 9 x 12 Arches watercolor paper using Silver Black Velvet Brushes, size 16, size16 Cat's Eye and 16 rounds.  Colors used were Daniel Smith New Gamboge and M. Graham Phthalo Turquoise, Qor Transparent Pyrrole Orange, and just a touch of Daniel Smith Iridescent Sapphire.