Daisies at Dusk #Watercolor #WorldWatercolorMonth #ArtJournal

I started out painting this from a reference photo, and almost immediately started taking great liberties with it.

Sennelier's Cobalt Violet Light Hue is a new color on my palette.  I started out like a good little student of art, making study charts and then decided that was too boring, lol.  So, I decided to just play around with it.  I also used Winsor Newton Cobalt Blue, Sennelier Phthalo Green Light, Sennelier Sap Green, and Winsor Newton Lemon Yellow, chosen for no other reason than I wanted to see how the colors worked with the Cobalt Violet.

For some reason, the scan didn't pick up the Cobalt Blue, save where it is almost pure value, so some areas look more washed out than they are.  I'll have to see if that's a problem with this pigment.  While I've used Cobalt Blue in the past, this was my first go round with the Winsor Newton version, and it is more transparent than I'm used to.
Arches paper, using an Escoda Prado size 14 oval.  Size is approximately 8 x 8 in a handmade watercolor journal on Arches watercolor paper.