From Clovelly to Crown Point #Mijello #MissionGold #WorldWatercolorGroup

The class theme for the day was building structures, and I discovered that the Ultramarine Blue in the Mijello Mission Gold Pure Pigment set does granulate with enough water, and makes some very nice colors when mixed with the Perylene Maroon.

I was trying to remember how to paint using the idealistic style of Zoltan Szabo, but I was focusing a bit too much on those mixes.  Cobalt Blue was used for the sky and green gold with the mixes for the grasses.

The reference photo is one I took in '75, while visiting Clovelly by the Sea in Devon, England.

I need to try it again, with some brighter colors I think.

I still had enough time to do a quick painting before class was over.  Using the same color combo, I used a reference photo I'd taken of Crown Point in Oregon.

Another painting I need to do over, I think, rather than trying to save it, but this does a good job of establishing values.  The Vista House at Crown Point is a lovely and complex building.  I think using a larger size or closer focus on the building would help.