Foggy Reflections #Watercolor #WorldWatercolorGroup #Strathmore

This was a quick study, and was originally planned as a duochromatic (only two colors) piece.  I chose Sennelier Phthalo Green Deep and Daniel Smith Lunar blue.

The Phthalo Green Deep was a mistake, I think, since I wanted a foggy look, and it's a very staining color.  Even though I blotted the middle ground island almost immediately, the value is too dark and I couldn't get it lighter.  But that's the value in quick studies.  You make your mistakes and learn so that you don't ruin something you've worked hours on.

The Lunar Blue worked great for the foggy look, but the two colors were too similar in tone. I decided to make this a triad piece and added a bit of M Graham Quinacridone Rust.  That gave it much needed change in tone, and added some depth.

Approximately 9 x 9 inches, painted with a Silver Black Velvet 1 inch flat and a size 6 round on Strathmore Gemini cold press paper.