Owl U An Alien? No 1 #Watercolor #WorldWatercolorGroup #Primatek

Now, I'm not saying that owls are from outer space, but you have to admit that some sure look like they might be!

I used Daniel Smith Primatek (Hematite, Piemontite, Jadeite Genuine) paints for the most part, which are paints with actual mineral content.  I did use Winsor Newton Raw Sienna for a base color and that orangey color is Qor Quinacridone done.

With all the ticking on the owl's feathers and the roughness of the bark, I ended up doing a lot of scraping for texture.  I ended up doing so much, I might as well have been working on scratchboard, lol.

My reference photo came from Pixabay.com.  I used Legend Kolinsky brushes size 6 and 8 rounds.  It's on 8x8 twinrocker paper.