52 Weeks of Watercolor Painting 2017 No. 3 #Watercolor #52WeeksOfWatercolorPainting @StillmanAndBirn

I decided to do a quick study and keep it very abstract this week for two reasons.  Time was an issue and because there are only 50 pages in my Stillman and Birn 9x12 Beta series wirebound sketchbook,  I have to do four 1/2 page paintings.  I thought I'd do two in this first month, and the other 1/2 pages will be done for December.

My reference photo was of a very simple fern and a bokeh (that unfocused lights look) background.  I've been wanting to play around with the bokeh effect, and made that my main goal.  I gave myself about 20 minutes to play.

I didn't get quite the look I wanted, but did get some interesting textures, partly from the dagger brush I was using, and partly by lifting color.

My reference photo came from Pixabay.

Pigments used were Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna and Qor's Green Gold.  Brushes used were a Silver Black Velvet 3/4 inch cat's tongue, and a Fabart Dagger Brush (size unidentified but probably size 6).