Legion Paper Sampler Painting Pad #Legion #Paper #Watercolor

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I had a Christmas gift card to spend and when I discovered that Legion Paper offers samplers (not free, alas), I decided to spend some of it on their watercolor paper.

There are all sorts of paper to choose from (you can find the list here).  Besides Individual Sheets, the paper can be ordered as a Mill Book or Legion Book.  I'm not sure what those are (though I have an idea), and I'm not sure the binding would make for good painting, so I ordered the 22 individual sheets of 8x10 watercolor paper.  Adding in S&H, the price is decent, though not fantastic.

The allure is that you get sheets of: Acquerello by Magnani, Arches Watercolor, Artistico, Bockingford, Coventry Rag, Drawing Bristol, Folio, Lanaquarelle, Multimedia Aquarelle, Saunders Waterford, Indian, and Yupo.  The sheets range in weight from 140 lb to 300 lb.  I had already received samples of the new Stonehenge Aqua when Legion was offering them free (no longer, sorry), so I added those in.

I took the cardboard backings from a couple of drawing pads, covered them in newspaper, and painted them with acrylic for covers.  I punched two holes in both covers and each sheet, and now I've got a nice pad of paper for watercolor painting.

I'm swimming in watercolor paper this year!