Anna Mason Pear #AnnaMasonArt #Watercolor #Tutorial

I recently came across a free watercolor tutorial from Anna Mason, and I was intrigued because of the highly realistic botanical style.

I decided to give the tutorial a try even though I didn't have the right brushes, the right paper or the right pigments, lol.  I tend to take that kind of thing as a challenge, and the whole point of a free tutorial is to see if you like the style enough to invest in further classes and/or the correct materials.

Alas.  Half way through the tutorial the videos stopped working.  I believe that is a problem on my end because I've had wi-fi problems lately.  I felt I had seen enough to finish on my own, though.

I do find Anna's style interesting, and the brushes and a few new colors are on my wish list.  I won't buy them though until I've fixed my wi-fi problem.

This painting was done on Fabriano Artistico, 140# Cold Press Traditional White.  Information about the paper from the Legion Paper website:

Specifications:                                                   Applications:
Mouldmade in Italy                                        Calligraphy
100% Cotton                                                       Intaglio
Neutral pH                                                          Letterpress
Acid Free                                                             Offset
4 deckles (sheets)                                           Pen & Ink
Internally & externally sized                      Pastel & Charcoal
Specialty Paper                                                Silkscreen