Easter Card Early #Easter #LegionPaper #EasterBunny

Every year I plan to make an Easter card for my mother and every year I put it off until it is too late.  This year I got ahead of the game and Voilà! I actually did a card.

It doesn't show very well in the scan, but the card is 3D.  I drew my picture on Stonehenge Aqua hot press press with my electronic Cuttlelola dotspen. then colored it with colored pencils, which worked nicely on that paper.

I cut the drawing out, separating the bunny and his egg from the nest with the Happy Easter greeting and glued tabs in the back to make each stand out from the card, and the nest a little further out than the bunny.  I had a card that I had previously colored blue, planning to use it for something in the future, and I glued the tabs to this card.

The Original Drawing

Colored with Colored Pencil before cutting out the pieces