52 Weeks of Watercolor Painting 2017 No.13 #Watercolor #52WeeksOfWatercolorPainting #StillmanAndBirn

I used a technique that I saw somewhere (and I wish I had kept the link or written the name of the book where I found it).  You splatter masking fluid at random, let it dry and paint a wash of watercolor over it.  When that wash dries, you splatter more masking fluid, and repeat.  Once you've finished you remove the masking fluid and have splatters of underlying color.

I need to practice my splattering methods, but I like the effect.

I'm using a Stillman and Birn 9x12 Beta series wirebound sketchbook for all my '52 Weeks of Watercolor Paintings 2017'.

The brushes used were Silver Black Velvet Rounds, size 8 and 16 and a Princeton Snap brush round size 4 for lifting color and small detail. The pigments used were Daniel Smith Wisteria, Mijello Mission Gold Cobalt Blue, Permanent Rose, Bamboo Green, Viridian, Ivory Black and Lemon Yellow,