Basic Shapes Fantasy Landscape Step-wisely #FantasyLandscape #DrawingTutorial #Step-wisely

In drawing and painting, shapes are important, even in the most non-objective and abstract of art.

In my fantasy landscape drawings, they are crazy like mad important!

So for this week, I'm exploring shapes and the many, many, many landscape objects that you can make from them.

Today I'm showing you ways to use the most basic shapes:
  • roundish-circles, ovals, etc.
  • squarish-squares, rectangles, etc.
  • triangularish-triangles 

For each type of shape I drew some very, very basic shapes, and then I drew some that were a bit more complex.  As time goes on I'll do step-outs for some of these, but chances are you can figure out most of them yourself.  If you want a step-out for any one in particular, let me know and I'll do it up.


Building on roundish shapes


Building on Squarish shapes


Building on Triangularish shapes

Play with sizes, widths and lengths.  Stack 'em up, place them side by side. Go from large to small and small to large.  Alternate the size and shapes.  Mix 'em up so you don't know what's coming next. Make 'em lean over like they're going to fall.  Suck in the sides or make 'em bulge.

For a full list of Fantasy Landscape Step-outs, Step-by-steps, Step-wiselys and guide rules go here.