Three Bears Step-out & Another Poll #FantasyLandscape #DrawingTutorial #Step-Out

A fantasy landscape step-out and a poll.

Step-out below the poll.

I'm sort of making up this whole fantasy landscape series as I go along.  I want to keep it simple so that beginners can join in the fun.  However, what I think is simple might not be as simple for someone just beginning.

I also want to keep a level of interest for intermediate to experienced artists.  I believe they will take the simpler things and put their own spin on it, but if I'm wrong I'd like to know that.

There is also the ... I won't say problem ... but the difficulty of simplifying some of the more complex subjects while keeping it simple enough.  I thought these three bears would be of enough interest to generate a little feedback, so would you take my poll, please?  It will help me decide what kind of step-outs to do in the future.

Any other questions or comments (of the helpful kind) are welcome.

Helpful Critique of Three Bears Step-out

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