Here Comes the Daybreak #Watercolor #LegionPaper #WorldWatercolorMonth

If you are here for the BD Comics Manga Storypad paper giveaway, (it's great for drawing, tracing and transferring as well as Manga!), you can find it here.

It's literally been months since I've done a watercolor painting.  Not that I haven't been creative - between my Fantasy Landscapes step-outs and tutorials and doing product reviews there just hasn't been time for watercolor.

I've missed it.

To get back in the flow I did a quick study landscape for an entry into Angela Fehr July 5-10 Summer Skies World Watercolor Month challenge. I didn't use a reference photo, just played with color.

Mijello Mission Gold Lemon Yellow, Permanent Rose, Cerulean Blue (which is actually Phthalo Blue) and a shadow mix of Crimson Lake, Prussian Blue and Viridian.  Silver Black Velvet 1 inch flat and size 6 round on Arches paper. I used one of the sample sheets that I got from Legion Paper.

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