Googly-Eyed Zebra Fun and Easy Landscape Step-out #FunAndEasyLandscape #Step-out #Zensations #Inktober2017 @ZebraPenUS

Today's Fun & Easy Landscape step-out is more challenging than most unless you've been doing a lot of my other googly-eyed type step-outs like UseI ♡ Cat, and Cow Delight.  If you look at all these, you'll see that the steps are basically the same, with small changes to the shape of the head, eyes, nose, ears and patterns on the body.

If you are having problems with these kind of step-out concentrate on the basics without worrying what animal you are creating.  Just let your animal be whatever IT wants to be, lol.

Once you are comfortable drawing the steps that are the same or close to it, then you can start refining the small details that define the animal YOU want.  Unless you are having so much fun creating weird and wonderfully strange animals that you never want to quit!

Fun & Easy Landscapes step-outs, step-wiselys or step-by-steps are posted every Friday!

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At the end of each week, Zebra pens will select a winner to receive their new Zensations line of products, including tools and utensils specifically made for artists like you!  (sorry, North America residents only)
The rules are simple:
  1. Create a drawing
  2. Post it on your social media accounts
  3. Hashtag it with #inktober and #zensations
  4. Repeat this each day through the month of October.