Leaf Tree Fun and Easy Landscape Step-out #FunAndEasyLandscape #Step-out #Zensations @ZebraPenUS

This is one of those 'duh' step-outs, because it's such an obvious kind of tree.  You may well have come up with a version of your own along the way.  But as with many simple things, it is very handy.  You can fancy it up and make it a focal point or keep them very simple and group a bunch of them together.

I got the idea for this step-out while doodling this as I waited to get my hair cut.  I was originally thinking about doing a step-out for the pig (anyone interested in one?), but liked the idea of the trees better.

I did this second drawing in color to better showcase the trees (but I still kept a pig in there, lol). These were both drawn with Zebra fude-style (flexible, plastic nib) brush pens. The one below was colored in with Zebra Sarasa Fineliners.

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