Koi Fish Studies #Watercolor #Yupo @LegionPaper @Hahnemühle_USA

In watercolor class we painted Koi fish.  I did one a Hahnemühle watercolor postcard, to used for hubby's lunch bag.

The second one, I painted on Yupo, which is an interesting paper to paint on.  In essence, the paint never soaks into the paper.  Even now, days later, I could take a wet rag to the paper and wipe off all the paint.

The upside to this is that mistakes are very easy to correct and you can start over at any time, if you wish.  The downside is that you can't really glaze.  When you try to paint over what you've already painted, you end up lifting more paint than you put down.

You can get around that - somewhat - but you end up with sort of a plastic-wrapped look. It's fun, but I would want to do it all the time.