Friday Fun & Easy Landscape Challenge- Learn to Draw the Agave Bloom #Fun&EasyLandscape Step-Out @ZebraPen #DrawingTutorial #Step-by-Step @Hahnemühle_USA

For Valentine's Day, my hubby gave me a nasty cold, lol.  I was tempted to skip the challenge this week, but we can't have that can we?  A while back, when sharing the way I'm using Alice Hendon's Tangle Starts planner, I mentioned that I was looking at plants for inspiration - cacti particular.

Wonderful plants are the cacti! I found one that is so-so simple to do, yet creates such a cool look, and I realized it was perfect for today's post.  So simple that even sick, I could whip it out. And it only took me 5 times longer than it should, lol.

So I'm hoping it's easy enough for just about everyone.

The Friday Fun & Easy Landscape Challenge 2/16-2/22: Draw a landscape using the Agave Bloom Step-out.  Extra calorie-free brownie points for adding some kind of cactus from your own imagination.

Fun & Easy Landscape Step-out drawn with
Example done with Schmincke watercolor on Hahnemühle Cézanne 140 Hot Pressed
Adapted from a photo on Pixabay.

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