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The Friday Fun & Easy Landscape Challenge 3/16 -3/22: Draw a landscape using the Rabbit step-out.  Extra calorie-free brownie points for making him hold something.

One of the very first Fun & Easy step-outs that I did was for a quick and easy Bunny.  But with Easter coming up, I wanted to create a step-out for a more complex rabbit. Don't worry though - I know everyone doesn't celebrate this holiday, so my rabbit can easily be used for other drawings.

I gave him a pose that allows him to hold something, whether it's an Easter Egg, a carrot or something else of interest to you.

You know, I remember, way back to my first year in school when I was five, we were told to draw a rabbit.  One of the boys in my class drew one that was all square.  I laughed at his drawing, and to this day, 60 years later, I regret that. He was daring to be different, and I was the one stuck on the idea there was only one way to draw a rabbit. Hopefully, he wasn't discouraged and went on to become a great artist, drawing his squared animals.

If you find the curves in this rabbit difficult, don't hesitate to simplify the shapes.  Try drawing a square rabbit, or a triangular one.  Mix and match the shapes - go crazy and let your unique flag fly!

This step-out was drawng with Zebra Pen Fineliners, and the example was drawn with a Zensations Technical Pen, and colored with Mildliner Highlighters in a Mother Leda Medium Art Sketchbook.

So which do think came first - the rabbit or the egg?

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