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The Friday Fun & Easy Landscape Challenge May 4 - May 10: Draw a landscape using the Gleam step-out.

Gleam is actually something I came up with back in 2013.  I happened across one of the drawings I did using it, and realized it would be perfect for using in Fun & Easy Landscapes.  

It is the value scale - light surrounded by medium surround by dark gives you the gleaming effect. Hatching gives it energy and makes more of a flickering light. You can just use solid colors or white, gray and black to get a slightly different effect.

While I show it used between the branches of a tree, it could easily be used in other places.  You could use it for candle flame, stars or anyplace you want a gleam of light.

The penciled circle at the beginning is a place holder, meant to help you determine where to start and end your loops so you'll be sure to have the blank area in the center.  You don't have to draw one and after a while, you won't need to.

Example done with Leda Art Supply Mechanical Colored Pencil in Leda Large Sketchbook
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