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Today, my hubby took a Wolverine in his lunch bag.

Did you know that the Wolverine's scientific name 'Gulo gulo' comes
from the Latin word for glutton?

My story to make this line & wash fits today's Inktober prompts: #Inktober2018 Prompt Cruel #doodlewashOctober2018 prompt Clouds

To many the Wolverine seems cruel, but he is just a trickster, always looking for an advantage.
One day he looked up and saw a large fluffy cloud.  "How soft," he thought, "A good place for a nap." Some geese were flying by and he called to them.  

"My brothers.  You must carry me to that cloud."  
"Why should we do this," the geese asked.

"You have seen rain fall from the clouds and fill the lakes and rivers.  There must be fish in the clouds as well." The geese hesitated, but wolverine met every question with an answer, using his great charm and mesmerizing tone. Soon the geese were convinced and carried him to the cloud.

When they reached the cloud, Wolverine began digging through the cloud but could find no fish.  The geese grew tired of waiting and flew away, but Wolverine refused to give up.  While convincing the geese, he had convinced himself as well, and forgotten his reason for flying to the cloud.  

After a while, the cloud faded away and Wolverine fell to earth, landing on his head.  Wolverine has a hard head and was not hurt, but he did take a nap for a while. 

Zebra Pen Zensations Technical Pen & Da Vinci Watercolor
on Hahnemühle Cold Pressed Watercolor Postcard
Adapted from a photo on Pixabay

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