Fun & Easy Landscape Guide Rules

With each step-by-step I try to come up with a guide rule that you might find helpful when drawing or when trying to decide why you don't like a drawing.

Most Important Rule -Take chances! If you want to experiment or think something will improve the drawing - Break the rules!  If you are wrong, there are always other drawings.  Either way, you'll have learned something.

In a landscape, something that sits higher is farther away in the distance, and may or may no be taller than closer objects.  The lowest point of the object is more important than the highest point in conveying distance.

Tiered Portrait Step-by-Step
In a crowded drawing, have more objects, less detail and less complexity.  In a open drawing have fewer objects, more detail and more complexity.

Use Textures Step-by-Step
If you don't feel your drawing is working, or dislike a finished piece, look at the composition of your various sections.

I Dare You Fun & Easy Landscape Challenge with Zentangle® step-by-step
If you are going to fill your Fun and Easy Landscape with tangle patterns, keep your landscape elements simple.