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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My tangle patterns:Jester

In times past, the Jester was the Fool that reminded the King he was human.  He'd entertain and play tricks to amuse.

The Jester pattern creates an optical illusion to fool the mind. Adding it to your zentangle will amuse and entertain both yourself and viewers.

Here is a work in progress showing the JESTER pattern.


  1. Oh...I like this Idea Sandra ! Of course I enjoy all the patterns you share here and on other sites. Thanks for giving your time here to share with others !! It means a lot to me for one !! Keep tangling girl friend... Rosie

  2. That was a fast repsonse! I just got this posted! Thank you so much for all your kind comments, here and elsewhere.

  3. Hi Sandra! I am now officially following your blog. :-) It's great! I really love the above piece! Your work is always top notch!

  4. Fantastic! Glad to see you here. I'm really going to town with the zendoodling.