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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beez in the Belfrey gives information about Suzanne McNeil's book

I have ordered Suzanne McNeil's two zentangle books and will tell you about them once they arrive.

Meanwhile, Sandy Bartholomew has posted about them, and gives a brief explanation of what is in Suzanne's books, and assurance that she is working hard on her own. (I'm the person who sent her 10 tiles, lol!  I make life difficult for everyone!)


  1. I got both books a few weeks ago. I was a bit disappointed in some redundancy in the books but I did like the new tangles shown in book 2. I can't wait for Sandy's. I have her Alpha-tangle book.

  2. I have the alphatangle book, too, and I know her upcoming book is going to be fantastic!