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Monday, February 1, 2010

My tangle patterns: Heartache, Lachrymose, Mangle and Spindle

I've been feeling a bit out-of-sorts lately--not sleeping well.  You can tell by the titles I've given these patterns! Lol!

I'm posting these together because they are patterns of a kind.   They loop and swirl and invite you to fill in nooks and crannies.  They fit together or stand alone. There are many patterns of this kind in zentangling. 

I'm doing these to show that there is no limit to variation.  Almost any little squiggle can become an alluring pattern.


  1. OH Sandra !! I am loveing these !! Thanks so much for the inspiration !! Love the tangle ! So sorry you have not been sleeping well. That makes two of us ! Praying that when we are through with My hubbys radiation and we move back home,I can sleep again. I've been so thankful for Zentangle during this time though. It has kept me sane in the midst of this cancer fight !! Thanks again,,,, Rosie

  2. Very cool Sandra! Really like the lachrymose pattern and your "Reef with Anenomes and Hermit Crabs is fantastic!!