Zentangles by three artists

I have work from three artists today.  They've used some of my patterns as well as some patterns from Sandra Bartholomew  and Suzanne McNeil. (Please forgive my formatting.  I'm not good at making Blog do what I want it to).  

Rose Twofeather has used an adaption on my Charm, Elegance and Flair patterns. That three pattern family of mine was aimed at showing how you can adapt patterns, so I'm delighted to see that she's being creative with it. 
Originally uploaded by Rose Twofeather

 Flowerlady56 has used several of my patterns in these two paintings.  Lacy and Caffeine and Xpetal and Buoy and Goosewing.  I love the way she's swirled and used shapes in her work, as well as the way she's using color.
Sea Urchins-available                                    Peace-available
Both Originally uploaded by flowerlady56

This zentangle set by Anne Wilson1 uses Buoy to great effect.  I love what she's done using swirls.

Please check out the other amazing work these ladies have done. It's wonderful!