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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Tangle Patterns: Taurus

To continue a hoofed trend, Shelly Beauch issued a challenge of sorts at the zentangle group, to create a tangle based on our astrological sign.  Here's mine:


  1. I love it Sandra !! I am not a Taurus, but gotta love the bull !! I am thinking I can turn Billy into a Ram for Aries !! Keep watching... Rosie

  2. I wandered over here from Flickr (i often peruse the Zentangle pool over there, but I'm not a member). I like the looks of this bull, and the earlier ram, but it's not what I expect from a 'tangle. I expect tangles to be something I can tile or tessellate or fill with - sort of like your pickerel or kisses. For example, I could see using the head of your bull. But the bull itself seems more like a "focal point" (if you will). I guess I need to stretch my view of tangle patterns!

  3. I've thought about separating out some of my patterns, since they are more zendoodle than zentangle, but I wasn't sure what to call them.

    That might be a subject for a poll, if I can figure how to do one!